Exploded exploding cucumber

The spikes turn soft when cooked.


Pinhole stories I

Sometime during my degree I had to present my work to be evaluated by the tutors. Students were asked to exhibit their works as finished pieces. At the time I had only original pinhole photographs of which I didn't want to do anything definitive. 

I ended up exhibiting a group of pinhole photographs where something had gone wrong during the exposure. I was working with large cameras at the time - made to fit 20"x 24" paper- the exposure times were long and it was easy for things to go wrong, especially in busy places.

All the photographs shown were grossly underexposed and we could see little more than a black sheet- I was using positive paper. All the pinholes had a caption explaining why the exposure had been interrupted. The captions were witty, representative of real incidents and the real soul of the work. 

The tutors were clearly unimpressed by my work and completely dismissed the humorous captions. Incidents ranged from people leaning onto the cameras, a man that knocked 3 times on a camera and asked what was inside -while photographing Elevador de Santa Justa in Lisbon- to children picking up the cameras and shaking them to find out what was inside.

The most memorable incident though, involved a pinhole photograph I was taking in a Victorian house. I had worked out the exposure to be around 4 hours. One and half hours into the exposure a robber tried to break in through a window on the first floor of the house. I saw him from downstairs removing the glass panels of the bathroom window while standing on a pipe. I accidently knocked down the camera while hitting the window cursing him.

Nowadays the days are much quieter.


EXPLODING CUCUMBER  "Cyclanthera explodens"

A favourite crop and the one that lends its name to this blog. When the fruits are ripe they literally explode when something touches them and the seeds spread up to 1 metre away.
It's edible and delicious stir-fried.