"The other side"

Some 15 years ago  I decided to go back to further education.  In order to finance my living I got myself a job in a small take away shop in a touristic part of London.  My job was selling ice cream. When there were no customers I was either eating ice cream or being pestered by a Moroccan workmate who acted as a matchmaker on his brother's behalf.  He took every opportunity for this brainwashing activity. The plan was simple and has been done by many.  I needed to write a letter inviting his brother to come over to England. We were to get married. We needed to live in the same house for one or two months but no need to sleep together. I would get "paid". We would stay married for 3 years and after that period of time we could get divorced.


The matchmaker was unsuccessful.

Eating ice cream everyday for 3 months completely killed my love for it.




made with a corn carrier bag

can be thrown in the compost bin